Cayo Santa María

Cayo Santa María


Los Cayos, also known as Sabana-Camagüey, form part of an archipelago whose beaches have been given the nickname “Rosa Blanca de los Jardines de Rey” (The White Rose of the King’s Gardens). Their nickname highlights, in the most romantic way possible, how essential it is to visit this unique part of the Republic of Cuba.

Located in the province of Villa Clara, Cayo Santa María is one of the most extraordinary destinations for enjoying a holiday in the middle of the Caribbean Ocean. It offers idyllic beaches with stunning turquoise waters and soft white sands, alongside an incredible natural environment.

Cayo Santa María is a long and narrow island of 22 km2 and its landscape is littered with small hills and cliffs. It has an abundance of idyllic beaches, mostly to the north of the island, and an area dominated by marshland and mangroves to the south. Its borders are marked by Punta del Este de Santa María to the east and to the south, Punta Matamoros to the west, and Punta Madruguilla to the north.

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Havana Airport, the country’s main airport that provides a wide range of international flights, offers domestic flights to and from Cayo Las Brujas. Those that would prefer to enter the country via Varadero can transfer to the capital to take an internal connecting flight or travel on land via the "Pedraplén" to Cayo Santa María.

Cayo Santa María is the ideal paradise for those who love to relax but also have fun. This small island offers all kinds of services and facilities which allow its visitors to enjoy a well-deserved rest during their holiday. A unique natural environment, a wide variety of activities, water sports and endless idyllic beaches of the kind that we all hope to find when we travel to the Caribbean. Its tropical nature, close to the Bahama Canal, has provided this island with some beautiful coral reefs, making it ideal for those who love snorkelling and diving.


  • Airplane, car, bus (colectivo), bike, motorbike or taxi


  • Cayo Las Brujas Airport: 2 km
  • Abel Santamaría, Santa Clara Airport: 102 km
  • Las Salinas: 0 km
  • Las Gaviotas: 21 km
  • Punta del Este: 21 km
  • Punta Matamoros: 14 km
  • Punta Madruguilla: 15 km
  • Cayo Ensenachos: 8 km
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