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Riviera Maya is nature, it is Mayan ruins, a perfect combination for hiking. Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya Resort offers four routes which, whether on foot or by bicycle, will take you to corners of the resort that will remain etched on your memory for ever.

1. Coastal Trail

On this trail you can observe the most representative ecosystems of the coast of Quintana Roo, such as the coastal scrub, rocky and sandy beach, which are very important not only for their biodiversity, but for the environmental services they provide, which include protection from storm surges, stabilization of the coastline, as well as being a key location for sea turtles nesting areas.

2. Path of the Jungle and Scrub

On this trail you can observe a sequence of typical ecosystems of the coastal region of the Yucatán Peninsula, starting in an area of low jungle and ending on the rocky beach, passing through the coastal scrub and a transitional zone between these two ecosystems. If you look closely, you will notice the slight changes that occur at these sites, not only for characteristic plants of the ecosystem, but also the type of soil and moisture levels in the air. All these factors influence the type and number of animals and, if you’re lucky, you will be able to see: raccoons, badgers and deer amongst others.

3. Path of the Jungle and Mangrove

On this trail you can observe cenotes and the typical sinkholes of the Yucatán Peninsula as well as mangrove and low jungle vegetation. More than 122 plant species and 97 animal species inhabit these environments, so it is advisable to walk silently for a greater opportunity to observe them.

4. Path of the Nursery

As part of its environmental responsibilities, the Grand Sirenis Development maintains a nursery to mainly propagate and conserve the species and plants native to the region. In addition to preservation, this reduces the use of water for irrigation and chemicals for their maintenance, as these species are well adapted to the soil and climate of this region. Many of the plants that you can see here are protected by Mexican laws as they are found in risk of extinction, many other are considered environmentally valuable since they allow animals to feed or shelter.

The nursery is laid out in five areas:

  • Sand dunes
  • Coastal scrubland
  • Wetland
  • Jungle
  • Ornamental

Sand dunes
The vegetation in this ecosystem is very specialised as it has to withstand adverse conditions such as intense sun, sandy bed and continuous salty sea breezes.

Coastal Scrubland
The coastal scrubland has vegetation characteristic to the region where the hotel is situated. The Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya borders the sandy and rocky beaches and there are up to 22 different plant species.

The wetland ecosystem comprises plants well adapted to high humidity conditions, and some even grow in submerged areas.

The jungle which we may observe in this area includes various types of trees of varying sizes, in addition to prepared plants which, once they reach the appropriate size, are moved to their final destination.

The ornamental plants are those which are not typical to the region and are cultivated purely for decorative purposes.

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